What the “hay”?

If you live on the North Shore of  Boston and read the newspaper you cannot help but come across letters of opinion and articles regarding the Walmart/Lowes expansion slated to be built on Highland Avenue in Salem.

Some people oppose this development.   An educated or even a six year old, once presented with some of the information can begin to determine the difference between the fact and fiction printed.  A select few individuals are soooooooooooooooo passionate about their opposition of the project.

I wish I could bottle this passion up and direct it to some other issues the local communities face in these challenging economic times.

One local blogger seems to think hay is now bad.   (I got this from the Salem News Comment Section)

We are talking about hay horses eat!

Link is below.


Here is the “golden rule”.

“Actually hay bales should be forbidden.
The seeds in the hay, result in introducing invasive species.”

WATCH OUT Rumpelstiltskin!  They are looking for you and your crimes against nature!!!

Hopefully he can spin some of this hay into real gold!


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