Mafia Shakedown. Realtor Style….

I cannot call myself a Realtor.

I adhere to the same code of ethics as they do.

After all when one becomes a broker or sales person they are required by the state in which they conduct business to do so.

It’s also just good business practice.

Few real estate professionals succeed without good solid ethics!

Why haven’t I joined the Board of Realtors after almost 10 years in the business? My own personal ethics and believes.  I see no benefit.   I see it costing excessive amounts of money.  If I join my agents are forced to join as well.  I do not care if I cannot call myself a realtor, nor do clients.  Being a realtor is NOT a special achievement.   Anyone, yes anyone, with a license can pay the dues and become one.  How is this ethical?

I am very lucky that here in the greater Boston area I have joined the ranks of many real estate workers who simply refuse to join the Board.

We may not save the $8.  on our cell phones or that $100. a year on our mls dues…  I get great discounts with an  AAA membership and  it only costs me $50. a year. We have the option to join or not in Massachusetts.  There is one MLS system for the state in which all listings are entered, with one exception.    The only bully in the state is the Cape Cod Board of Realtors with their own, seperate MLS database.   Accessible only by joining their board!

Some may see benefits to joining.

I am in the process of opening an office in Florida and have gotten quite the surprise when I am FORCED to join a board. There is no choice. MLS is run by the boards. There are several MLS systems owned and run by different boards in same county!

You need to join them to get mls.

The start up fees and initial dues are over $2,000. in some counties!  The majority have huge set up fees.  Someone needs to pay for that website designed in 1997 and for the secretary’s salary!  There is an mls set up fee, a new office set up etc. I have made calls to almost every board in Florida and this is the norm. Florida doesn’t have one unique state wide system that the majority of boards belong too.

Gee, wouldn’t it make sense to combine everything into one system.

-We have the National Board of Realtor Dues

-We have the state board dues

-We have the local dues.

-You can join as secondary member dues.

.. How much money can be gouged out of agents in these tough times?

Once you join,  there are lots more options to part ways with your money! (Can I interest you in a special lock box key you can only use with your IPOD super deluxe cell phone?? Did we tell you we offer a discount to agents for the IPOD super deluxe cell phone?)

Then comes into play the Miami Board of Realtors.  Recently they merged with several other local boards.


For about $800.(which is kind of a bargain at this point) you can join the state, local, and national boards.   This includes the MLS access for a year and e-form service.   They are one of the largest boards in the state, and their webpage is not from 1997 !!

When asked why they did not have all these “fees”, the customer service rep simply said. “People were sick of them.”

It is tough enough to eek out a living in the real estate industry without these Realtor Mafia bosses shaking you down.

The code of ethics they tote is completely false since they themselves operate one of the most unethical business models I have ever seen!

I hope that real estate agents say “enough is enough”, and lead a revolt to make them go back to what they once were; A well respected organization that agents joined to distinguish themselves from others in the business! They could not be any further from this now.


3 thoughts on “Mafia Shakedown. Realtor Style….”

  1. Wow that is the truth. I wish there were more companies and brokers that would stand up to the realtor boards and kill the Union Style Operations. “EITHER JOIN US OR YOU CAN’T WORK!!!” I am sick and tired of my local board. They want all my agents to pay or they have to be terminated. That is BS. I have many good agents that are just working a full time job and when something falls on their lap they want to be able to legally talk about the listing. It is truly a mafia style operation and I AM SICK OF IT!!!
    Aurelio Mattucci
    Mattucci Real Estate
    Lomita California

  2. I am also tired of agents and brokers not doing anything about it. We have to stop the boards from monopolizing the indutry. Does anyone have and good real estate forms contact? seems like the NAR has that cornered also.
    Aurelio Mattucci
    Mattucci Real Estate
    Lomita California

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