Lynn MA, Special Victims Unit…Real estate Agent police

In the City of Lynn there is “talk” of passing an ordinance making a real estate agent responsible if a home is purchased by a sex offender.

Here is the article.

“However, Richard McBrien said he had two solutions to that problem.

McBrien lives directly next door to Galzerano at 34 Daytona Rd. he said he would like to see the real estate agency that sold the home to Galzerano buy it back for the purchase price plus expenses.

“If they can accomplish that then the person is not in the house any more and the real estate agent can turn around and put the dwelling back on the market,” he said. “This in my mind is a legitimate suggestion.”

Solution number two, McBrien added, would be for the City Council to require any real estate agency working in the city or anyone selling a home, to determine if a buyer is in conflict of the sex offender ordinance before they finalize a deal.

“Failure to do so would result in a $50,000 to $100,000 fine on the agency or selling party,” he said. “Is that a lot of money? Yes. Does it put some teeth into the thing if they approve it? Yes.”

The suggestion was met with an explosion of applause and City Councilor Wayne Lozzi, who moderated the meeting along with Councilor President Timothy Phelan, said the council could look into the idea.”


Pass the buck to the real estate agents, why not?

The bigger question is what to do with these sex offenders?  As a society we have decided to let the garbage back out.





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