Who is the creator of the RealtyBS.com…….

>I am a  thirtysomething broker who resides and works in a suburb… minutes from Boston.  I have been in the “business” since I was 19, as a homeowner, “flipper”, landlord and investor.   All of what I know I learned from experience, mistakes made and learned and sweat.

I have held a real estate and insurance brokers license for many years in Massachusetts. I am also a licensed broker in the states of Massachusetts, New Hampshire & Florida.  I own a brokerage in MA/NH and Daytona Beach, Fl.

I truly can say my passion is real estate. I live it. Its a challenging, rewarding career I continue to enjoy day in and out. There is rarely a dull moment!

This is a blog about real estate, spruced with  whatever random fleeting thoughts I may have!

Enjoy..it’s meant to be funny, informational at times and well….????

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3 thoughts on “Who is the creator of the RealtyBS.com…….”

  1. I like your site! Thanks for sending me those listings, you have been great to work with, I can’t wait for closing day!!

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